High quality Aluminum foil tape used for HVAC industry

Reinforced Aluminum foil tape used for HVAC industry

Solvent based Aluglass tape used for Aluglass range of facings

Most suited for joints for Rubber insulation



A synthetic rubber based solvent, commonly used for Pre-Insulated duct

Anti-fungal lag coatings over Glass wool Ducts & Pipes

Synthetic based adhesive, most commonly for Glass wool Insulation products

Indoor lag coating over Glass wool Ducts & Pipes

Very low VOC, water based adhesive

Elastomeric, fire resistant outdoor coatings for Glass wool Ducts & Pipes

Water Based fire retardant, flexible high solid coat and durable against Water, Moisture & weathering

Polyacrylic copolymer
emulsion for long-term  fungicidal  protection , with no loss of activity on aging

An air drying contact adhesive that is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of rubber insulations

UL Listed, water based, fire resistant Duct sealant for ducting applications