Perma-Pipe is a leading international manufacturer of pre-insulated piping, secondary piping and leak detection systems for the district energy industry, industrial applications and the oil & gas industry. We are a company founded on innovation and are committed to engineering energy efficient solutions to meet fluid and gas transportation challenges.  


Perma-Pipe, Inc. was incorporated in 1961 as a division of Midwesco, Inc. a private company in Chicago, IL and in 1994, the company became a subsidiary of MFRI, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ. Also in 1994, PERMA-PIPE acquired RICWIL PIPING SYSTEMS, a brand leader for over 90 years. The acquisition merged years of engineering and design expertise, project management experience, and a comprehensive range of high quality products, with PERMA-PIPE continuing to offer the entire RICWIL product line.


Pre- Insulated pipings


Leak Detection Systems



Dura-Line Middle East is a part of Dura-Line Corporation (headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA). Dura-Line is the world's largest manufacturer of “Silicore” Permanently Solid Lubricated HDPE Ducts, Conduits, Fluid Pipe Systems, Power and Gas Ducting solutions. It serves clients in over 120 countries and the current manufacturing facilities are spread over United States, Mexico, Czech Republic, Oman, India and South Africa. Dura-Line Middle East has an installed capacity of 10000 MT of Ducts serving regions of Middle East and North Africa. Backed by a strong R&D and a large repertoire of "cutting-edge technology" offerings, Dura-Line is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001: 2007 certified, and has a tradition of providing quality products and services exceeding customers' expectations. It offers products,solutions and turnkey services for building future-proof Communication (Telecom, Data, and Video), Fluid, Gas and Power Duct Networks. The solutions include end-to-end services-from route designing & engineering, trenching, supply and laying of ducts & cables, fluid pipelines, testing etc.


The “Duraline - Plumettaz Fiber Academy” at Goa, India imparts training on the best practices and advanced techniques of Fiber Network Rollout including PON FTTH Networks.

Dura-Line is a Partner of Choice of several major Global Telecom Operators worldwide with exclusive multi-year contracts.

HDPE Telecommunication ducts for faster installation

Bundle of HDPE ducts with an over sheath