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Ecofriendly green product from Fevicol - Eco Fresh –Adhesive for HVAC Insulation

Fevicol Ac Duct King Eco Fresh is a water based environment friendly synthetic resin adhesive, specially developed for bonding insulation & acoustic liner on HVAC ducting, chilled water piping and multiple applications in HVAC & R Insulation.


  • Low VOC – Improves the IAQ to meet the compliance guidelines of Green Buildings.

  • Fire Resistant – Prevents spread of Flames and Smoke.

  • Extremely Mild Smell – Excellent for Low Ventilated Areas and Safe for Occupants / Applicators.

  • Low Application Cost – Higher coverage & hence low adhesive cost per area.

  • Strong Bonding – Very strong Bonding ensuring zero reworking costs.

It is ideal for Green certified & Safety priority project ,it meets LEED IEQ 4.1 for VOC Compliance.

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