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Excellent Safe Acoustic Solution from Armaflex for Pipes- Arma Comfort AB ALU Plus

ArmaComfort AB Alu Plus is used as an acoustical insulation of waste water, rain water and sewage pipes in residential and non-residential buildings.

It combines excellent acoustic performance, fire performance B-s1,d0 to increase people safety and prevents corrosion. Multilayer consists of an acoustic barrier epdm-eva barrier of 2 mm thickness with an aluminium foil and a decoupling elastomeric foam Armaflex of 9 mm.

It has an Aluminium covering a black acoustic barrier combined with a black foam & offers an outstanding durability.

Salient Features

Thin very efficient acoustic lagging solution for rainwater and waste pipes

Excellent fire performance

Prevent condensation and minimise the risk of corrosion

Easy to apply and maintain B-s1,d0

Insertion Loss at Airborne sound = 18 dB (A) in Soffit (2.0 l/s)

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