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KIMMCO-ISOVER Glass wool is now EUCEB certified!!!!!!

EUCEB reassures that the products are made from Non-carcinogenic fibre. KIMMCO-ISOVER Glass wool is very safe to use.

What is EUCEB?

The European Certification Board of mineral wool products (EUCEB) is a certification authority that was created in order to increase confidence of authorities, customers and consumers in the safety of Glass wool & stone wool by providing information related to their non- classification under the European regulation. EUCEB guarantees that products are made of non-classified fibres under European regulation of the European Parliament.

The rules governing this registration certify that:

  • Products made of non-classified fibres comply with the exoneration criteria.

  • To ensure the fibres comply with the exoneration criteria all tests and supervision procedures are carried out by qualified institutions and two independent experts.

  • The EUCEB ensures that the producers of mineral wool have put in place self-control measures.

  • To get EUCEB certification a mineral wool manufacturing plant has to perform tests in a laboratory recognized by the EUCEB.

  • The EUCEB delivers a certificate and the right to use the EUCEB logo on the packaging.

  • A sample of the products are taken twice a year by the independent sampling institute with reports sent to the EUCEB who then re-evaluate the right.

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